Sunday, November 25, 2007

This one gets worse and worse

Saudi government: Rape victim had illegal affair

CNN Story Highlights
  • Officials: Woman and her companion were discovered in a "compromising situation"
  • Officials: Victim and her companion caused the crime to take place
  • Woman convicted of violating law by not having a male guardian with her
  • Court more than doubled woman's original sentence of 90 lashes to 200
Here's the Western interpretation - the "woman" was 18, and engaged to be married (no word on whether the marriage was arranged, but that is probably a given) and went out with another man. While they were having sex in a car, they were dragged out and gang-raped by 7 men. Neither pressed charges, but after the woman was married, her husband found out and made a formal complaint.

Putting things in perspective: if Sharia law had been applied in the US when Son of Sam was killing people in lover's lanes, any surviving victims who were not married to each other would have been flogged and jailed for violating the law against "illegal mingling." In fact, Son of Sam might have been viewed as something of a vigilante hero...

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