Monday, December 22, 2008

Caryn West - artist and author

From apathy to person at a time
“These are our children, our hope for a better future. Years from now, they will either be shining examples of the power of mankind’s successes or evidence of complete human failure. To save humanity, we must save the children. There is no other way. “Xanadu” exists in the mind of every child. If we protect the children, if we watch them and learn from them, they will show us the way.”- Caryn West

The first portrait Caryn West ever created was a life-size drawing of Sammy Davis Jr. to accompany a book report about his autobiography, Yes I can. The portrait was done in crayon, and she was only nine years old.
Though she attended the Pasadena Art Center College of Design, most of Caryn’s abilities are self-taught through taking on projects with an intuitive belief “I can do this.” Over the years she has experimented with a variety of mediums, amassing expertise in acrylic painting and graphic design.
Along the way she developed a passion for telling stories through art and has always dreamed of
becoming a writer as well. Caryn’s work has been primarily in the commercial arena but her passion is working on humanitarian projects, where she can use her artistic skills and creativity to highlight global issues.
In 2006 Caryn conceived The Trouble with the Alphabet. Since then her efforts have been focused on bringing her collective experience together in a project that gives full expression to her range of creativity. In this project she has found the inspiration to say “Yes I Can” - we all can make a difference for children around the world.
Caryn currently lives in Colorado with her husband Brock and their three children, Felicia, Blaze and Cruz.

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