Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Heroine: Sitara Achakzai

Taliban Shoot Dead Afghan Politician Who Championed Women's Rights
Jon Boone, The Guardian UK: "A leading female Afghan politician was shot dead yesterday after leaving a provincial council meeting in Kandahar, southern Afghanistan, which her colleagues had begged her not to attend. Sitara Achakzai was attacked by two gunmen as she arrived at her home in a rickshaw - a vehicle colleagues said she deliberately chose to use to avoid attracting attention. The Taliban claimed responsibility for the murder. The two gunmen were apparently waiting for Achakzai, a 52-year-old women's rights activist who had lived for many years in Germany when the Taliban were in power in Afghanistan."

See also: http://www.wowowow.com/politics/taliban-assassinates-afghan-womens-rights-activist-sitara-achakzai-266474

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